Website Scam Guide

Purpose of the guide

This guide is designed to give you instructions on the tools necessary to complete the ScamChecker Checklist and answer the questions more confidently.  It is a work in progress, so if you feel it is lacking then please contact us.  As you will see the Checklist is broken into several categories, likewise this guide has been broken up into similar categories to hopefully make it easier to step through.   Rather than overwhelm yourself with information, we suggest you take your time and consider the information presented.   Using this guide and checklist will educate you better, and improve your decision making processes when dealing with companies online, and better determine for yourself if they are a scam or fraudulent website.

Technologies used in the guide

Apart from your Eyechrometer (that would be the two things in the upper half of your face) the other main technical resource to use is WhoIs.   For the time being it will be suggested you use a third party website to perform these WhoIs lookups, though eventually you will be able to do so on this site.

In this situation, we will be using the WhoIs system to query against an offical database to determine the owner of a website.  Other useful information such as dates will also be seen.


Select the relevant section at the top to see helpful information relating to that particular category.  It is recommended you start at ‘Website General’