Seller Behavior

The behaviour of the seller is one of the more difficult areas to comment on, but you must keep in the back of your mind, that scammers want to be your friend, they want to give you good deals, because they want you to send your money.    Here are some known tactics used 

  • They will use terms such as A++++ quality, or high grade, high quality etc…
  • They will give your a further discount on an already heavily discounted product, which makes the price almost too good to be true.
  • They urge you to proceed with the purchase quickly, hinting that the prices may go up soon.
  • They offer free shipping on already heavily discounted product.
  • They say that they offer a more secure form of payment, but currently are having problems with the account, and a Money Transfer would be easier.

Once you have paid for the goods also you will see some common tactics used to delay or mislead.

  • They will ask for more money for a Customs Tax
  • They will supply tracking numbers from previous clients (victims), some of whom were actually sent empty boxes.
  • They will supply you with a tracking number that doesn’t work, and offer many excuses why this happened.