Web searches are your friend

The point here is that no historical evidence, no user discussion, should really give cause for concern. It may be too you find other people asking about websites, or discussing bad experiences they had. Don’t think that no news is good news however. Reliable and honest internet companies will always reveal positive search results.

When searching you can also add words like “scam” or “fraud” to help refine your search. 

Search for uniquely identifiable information

Another great way to investigate a website, is to take what should be unique information from that website and search on it. You would think, that the About page would contain unique information about the company, as every company is different.

So from the About page, we’ll take text and search on that
Here’s the text I’ll use in my search.

“is a wholesale group offering laptops, Digital cameras, videos, GPS, cellphone, mp4, game console and other electron products”

Here’s the Google search results

Now, it’s important to note when searching, that you should try placing the text within ” ” marks first, as that tells the search engine to only search for that exact phrase and not give you a lot of unrelated results.

We notice a couple of important things here, the first, is that is missing from the search results, but more importantly, you get some other different websites that use that exact same text. At the time of writing this 3 websites also appear to have been shutdown, or are no longer operation. If you were to repeat the above steps on these other websites, you’d realise there is a real pattern of deceit involved here.

Local Administration for Industry and Commerce

Here you can confirm the validity, and if the company is legally registered. You can also check if it has certificates for foreign trade. If the company you check turns out to be illegal or fraudulent, then the local relevant authorities will take action to terminate it. Well, that’s the theory. I have yet to see it work yet.

Inquiries about Registration and Operation of Enterprise in China

You need to be sure you select the Region, if none of your searching turns up any results then contact the local authorities for Industry and Commerce, as each province within China has its own Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau there are many branches, full details here.

Contact website for local authorities

If you don’t know which province, check the website you are looking to deal with.

You may also use the Local Administration for Industry and Commerce to contact for complaints if something is wrong with the transaction.