It is no secret, scammers are lazy and often use the same text across their websites.

So after years of research and analysis using the Rabin-Karp algorithm, to determine string pattern matching across a broad spectrum of websites, a complicated process was developed.  So complicated, I couldn’t even really describe it without a bottle of Whiskey, a pack of cigarettes, and a midget in a monkey suite.   Unfortunately computing power was lacking back then and we ran out of floppy disks.  Putting the algorithms on the back burner for a while to pursue other projects….mostly involving pizza, beer and the odd tab of LSD, a new idea emerged.

Following Paul Werbos writings on artificial neural networks, it was discovered that a much larger more robust system could be developed to determine a pattern in scam websites.  The artificial neural network that could ‘grow’ on it’s own soon followed, dubbed ‘Laura’, she was able to perform a system of Massively Multiple Organic Requests Per Gigabyte.  We called this MMORPG.   However as we know, artificial computing networks often gain their own form of consciousness, and ‘Laura’ soon lost interest in her own MMORPG, and went in search of other MMORPGs.   Unfortunately for us, computer gaming had also taken the form of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and ‘Laura’ was last seen somewhere on the Plains of Mulgore, with a large battle axe in her hands, several level 70 Gnome Warlocks from her newly created guild in tow, and a bunch of lowly level 65 wannabes trying to pretend they are uber awesome. 

The shock and loss of ‘Laura’ was too much and everybody disbanded again to their other projects.

It was finally determined, during a heavy session of other projects, that even the best algorithms, even the most intelligent artificial neural networks are inherently flawed.   The best way to form a perfect truth is to make shit up.   Thus the ultimate in scam detection technology ScamChecker was born.

But don’t be fooled, sure we make up the numbers, but the underlying facts behind these numbers create the perfect truth.   The more options you check, the more trouble you’ll be in.