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Website quality
Scam websites can often be lacking in quality, certainly you should expect a far greater quality website when they state they are such a large and successful wholesaler or company.   It's not just the various images and text you should look at, but also start clicking on some links and you might notice some oddities.

For example you might see a PayPal image which when clicked takes you to a Payments page which then makes no mention of PayPal.   Things also like having a Visa icon but no proper use of Credit Cards for payment.   Remember even if they  have an icon for a Credit Card, and they detail a bank account, this is not a proper Credit Card transaction. If you made a payment from your Credit Card, into a bank account, your bank would clear those funds immediately for payment and you cannot get a refund or reverse credit card charges in this situation. Short version. Look for secure payment methods, and if you aren't sure on security, talk to your bank,

Grammar and spelling quality.
Here is some example text taken from a webite
"We are dedicated to offering the best prices to the small orders, which traditionally can only be enjoyed by volumn order. All the possible ways of reducing the cost of order now is yours if you kindly choose us, since we do them for you. You may easily find out that, our prices are very surprising!"
Now if you aren't a great speller yourself, your computer does have a spell checker, copy the text from the website, inject it into whatever program you have that can perform a spelling and grammar check, and see what comes back.

Phone redirection services.
To aide concealing their identity, or to make it appear like they are 'always in the office', scammers use cell phone redirection services.  These numbers appear like a landline number and can be misleading.   Look at the phone numbers on the website and check them at the International Pumbering Plan website.

Consider what it is you are purchasing.

There's simply no such thing as buying branded goods directly from the manufacturer in China. The companies who produce the product are bound by agreements with the brand owner and are not allowed to sell the products to just anybody. The brand owners, such as Sony, Nike turn have their own authorised distribution networks. If you are looking for branded product you should research and make an attempt to contact the brand itself and find out who are authorised partners. Some brands even detail this information on their websites.
Knowing importing counterfeit goods is a dangerous option, given Customs in your country would most likely seize these goods if they knew they were counterfeit. 

Do not rely on third parties.
Business to Business services such as Alibaba, TradeKey, and DHGate are common hunting grounds for the scammers. Many sellers (including the fraudsters) have a "Gold Supplier" Seal or something similar that is being obtained by the trading site. These "shiny" seals are more or less worthless though and prove nothing.